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Included Interior Inspections (Primary Entry)

- Security and overall condition  of interior

- Window check and sliding Glass door any other entry way check.

-  A/c Check and interior Temp - Leaks or unusual Noises

- Electrical Check in Breaker Panel Box any tripped Breakers if, so address as needed

-  Plumbing check for apparent leaks or any kind from all fixtures, Toilets and Faucets

- Check for any type of Water intrusion from ceilings, Appliances, Walls, or standing water

- Appliance check for leaks, working order and condition and appearance

- Check all Bedrooms appearance and condition of walls and Floors, Closets

- Check Laundry Rooms and Utility Rooms for Condition and appearance

- Garage door security and condition

- Car start and Run if wanted by client ( Trickle charge if needed)

- Check all appliances in Garage for appearance and condition as well standing water or leaks

- Before Departure Secure entry way and reset alarm system

Our Home Watch Service consists of weekly, bi weekly. or monthly inspections performed by our

Professional Licensed and Insured property management specialist, that will ensure that every

aspect of your property are well taken care of and Maintained.

The inspections will consist of general condition, Security of premises  Pest Control removal of any

insects and treated as needed,  A/C Operation, Electrical Breakers and related, Plumbing, Pool and

or Hot tub condition and operation, service, overall appearance of interior of property, Exterior perimeter security, Lighting and Landscape appearance,  removal of newspapers and marketing flyers, yard appearance, Car start and run if asked to do so many improvements or repairs that  your property may need will be scheduled and performed by licensed and insured professionals.

Included Exterior Inspections

- Overall Condition and appearance of exterior grounds ( [Photo taken)

- Security of all entry ways ( Evidence of Forced entry in any way)

- Overall appearance, condition and health of Landscaping (  fallen dead foliage or debris)

- Pool and or Hot Tub Cleanliness and Condition as well as Equipment related ( operation and leaks)

- Infestation of insects or Rodents, (remove and control as needed)

- Operation of outdoor Garden Lighting and security of gates and or pool areas.

- Removal of old Newspapers or marketing Flyers from yard or Driveway

- Check for Mail and address as needed

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Management & Maintenance LLC

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South Florida Property Management & Maintenance llc., We offer a full line of Professional hands on Property Management and Home Watch services to which are available to both our residential and corporate clients.

 Our services cater to our clients from the simple Home Watch care for those that may be absentee owners or those that are present that just don’t have the time due to a busy scheduled carriers and demand the need to maintain day to day operation and function ability to assist in maintaining the value, overall appearance and curb appeal of your investment Property. As well as achieving a higher ROI on your investment

  Property Management and operation of that of a small, Medium or large sized commercial facility caring and organizing all needed and necessary task and work to the interior and exterior to relieve the burden form the property owners so that may attend to more important things at hand.

 The complex full operation of community association care. We posses the needed experience and education to carry out all the duties and activities to successfully maintain, and operate any community association residential or commercial.

 We offer many benefits to our clients, Real estate services, sales, leasing short or long term, Rentals, We are CAT 5 CAM Florida Licensed, Residential Property Management Certified, and Commercial Property Management Certified. Accompanied with our consistent continued Property management Education programs and updates, many true professional, licensed local vendors making us the number one choice in the Property Management & Home Watch service industry.

There are many choices when it comes to Property Management. When making your decision as to which one to choose keep inmind as to how important your investment is you!

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